Daily Things I’ve Been Getting Better At

As an introvert, I struggle with a few things and I like to make sure I improve on those things. Of course the main thing is getting out more and meeting new people, and these both are on my list of improving through the new year. I of course have started small with simple gestures such as saying hello to my neighbors, and maybe even sparking up a small conversation. I have also made efforts to go out more and experience new things. I find it is easiest to go to certain new places with a friend so I have someone to encourage me to talk to new people or do something new. I have been going out to different restaurants, trying new places, and making more of an effort to make new friends and meet new people.

Challenge Myself
I have also tried to challenge myself more, as challenges always present new opportunities. By setting myself up with new challenges, I make myself a promise to commit to change. I have also been getting better at acknowledging that I’m uncomfortable with trying some new things, but that I learn to feel good that I’m trying new things and am open to new experiences.

Being Spontaneous
While I make plans to go out with friends and family, I also wanted to get better at doing spontaneous things. I wanted to let the reins loose a little on my schedule and plans. But that doesn’t mean that I started taking spontaneous trips to Hawaii. I did make an effort in spontaneously asking a coworker or friend to grab some lunch with me. I also made an effort in asking girls out, going on the occasional date. These small things make me more comfortable with spontaneity and as I get used to it, I can use it in my daily life.

Say Yes!
There are even smaller things I’ve been getting better at. Saying yes to outings for example. Whereas before, I often enjoyed going straight home after work or saying no to work outings in general. Or if a friend asked to go out, I typically would say no these last minute plans. But, along with being spontaneous, comes saying yes to spontaneity’s arrival. When I get asked to go out, I make sure to yes at least half of the time. This way, I get out more, and learn to be more comfortable with being flexible.