Getting Rid of Anything That Keeps Me From Going Out More

Going outdoors has so many perks that you might not realize their value. Such as getting in touch with Mother Nature, living in the real world, observing the people around you, watching how time flies, unplugging from electronic devices that are wasting most of your time, and saving money. And you may not notice it, but there are so many things inside your home that are keeping you from going out; thus, you fail to experience all of the benefits mentioned earlier. So what are these?

Gaming devices
How many hours do you spend clicking your mouse, or tapping your tablet, or pressing your game consoles? Statistics show that an average American, age 13 to 35, spends at least 5.6 hours a day on video games. Such a consumed time on gaming could have been used on more productive activities. Aside from being unproductive, you also start to live a sedentary life—a life that is calling diseases out of inactivity such as obesity, heart diseases, and weakened immune system.

And as you know, video and online games require cash as well. In order for you to be strong you need to dish out a lot of money. And, an average working US gamer spends at least $300 a month for his online games. Why not spend it on other, more sensible items that you really need?

Aside from playing online and video games for at least 5.6 hours a day, an average American also spends 2.8 hours a day watching movies and television series. Although television is a great source of entertainment, there is a bad side to it. Studies show that watching shortens your life by 22 minutes. It has also been linked to several diseases caused by inactivity such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

Food deliveries
What happens when you’re all too tired playing games and watching TV and you don’t have enough time to prepare dinner? Call your favorite fast food restaurant, right? So imagine the toll you’re putting on your health through constant inactivity and depending on fast food. All of these, including the digital media such as computer, smart phone, television, and game consoles are in some way, contributing to our poor health condition; thus, attracting diseases, and in turn making you spend more on health insurance.

So don’t forget to unplug every once in awhile. Go out and seize the day to go under the sun or the starry skies. Meet real people. Smile at a stranger. Connect with our planet. Personally visit a loved one and tell him or her you missed them. Start that task you have been wanting to do but couldn’t because you were caught in a game. Take a note from me and learn to eliminate the things that are obstructing you to go out and love life more.