How I Got Through the Holidays

How I Got Through the Holidays:
Financially and with Family

Budget and Stick To It
The holidays are a stressful, and expensive, time of year. To get through the holidays with my family and to not start out the new year broke, I made a financial holiday budget plan and stuck to it. I have a lot of family members, and many of them are little kids. I like to get everyone a little present and so I made sure to make a budget that allowed for everyone to receive something. I started out with spending $25 on everyone and for some people, like my parents, I spent a little more on them. But I made sure to stick to my budget.

Shop Early
I also like to shop early for people. While some people do all their shopping on Black Friday, I know that some of the “deals” are not really much a deal. If it is October and I find something affordable and nice that my brother, for example, might like, then I simply buy it and keep it until December. This is also a better way for me to shop for the holidays because then I am not scrambling at the last minute dealing with the large crowds of people pushing and shoving for one thing on the shelf.

I also made sure to buy wrapping paper and gift bags prior to December. I usually buy my wrapping paper after Christmas, and save it for the next Christmas. The day after Christmas, wrapping paper is usually about 50% off! This tactic saves a ton since gift bags and wrapping paper can be up to 10 dollars.

Research Prices
To get through the holidays financially I also did a little research on things I was buying people. This way I could know what stores, whether in person or online, had the best deals. Sometimes I’d discover that the online deals were better.

Keep it Simple
The holidays also come with a lot of parties, parties that I, as an introvert, don’t particularly love. But, I made my fair share of appearances at these events. For work events, gift cards are an easy and affordable gift for employees and I could put whatever amount I’d like on there, leaving me with money by not spending ridiculous amounts on gifts. I also made it through the holidays by allowing myself some alone time. While the holidays are about family and friends and gathering today, my introverted personality needs a moment for itself!