Introverted Guy = Introverted Finances

Since I am an introvert, it comes with its advantages as far as my bank account and finances goes. Being an introvert, I learned to use the things I’m good at, and the many parts of my personality FOR me rather than AGAINST me. Some of the common traits of introverts are being conscientious, enjoying alone time, patience, and planning. Many of these traits have helped me financially in different ways.

My Money is Introverted
Primarily, being introverted has allowed my money to stay introverted as well. Meaning, I save money… a lot. My conscientious personality allows me to save for retirement, and the things I may need or want like a new car, house, etc. I also have an emergency savings fund, enough that would cushion me for six to eight months if something were to happen at my job or in my life. By being conscientious, I am understanding of these things and so I calculate how much I would like to have in my retirement savings by age 65 and I make a plan to set aside a certain amount every month.

Reflecting = Reserved Spending
I also spend a lot of time alone thinking and reflecting. This helps my money remain with me and growing too. Since I spend time researching and thinking, I am patient and understand that money grows over time. I accept small gains happily and acknowledge that each brick works towards an entire house. By having this mindset, I know my finances will be okay, and I understand that as long as I remain patient and conscientious that I can survive financial difficulties, if any, or that I can have a less stressful financial life.

Keep a Level Head
Many introverts are also calm and level headed, and I am one of those too. Being calm helps me not make rash decisions financially or sporadic purchases. I plan ahead so very rarely do I ever receive a surprising bill, but emergencies do happen and financial downfalls are not always inevitable. Thus, I use my calm, level headed demeanor to find solutions to any unfortunate circumstances that may come about. If there is an unexpected doctor bill, I don’t freak out because I know I have my emergency savings fund. If I have an unexpected bill, I remain calm and think of a way to solve the problem.

I stay calm and do not panic, and in turn my finances do not panic either. Many times people panic and make quick illogical decisions. If, for example, the market crashes, it isn’t always necessary to go ahead and sell simply because you’re afraid. Being prepared and level headed is key to keeping your finances with you, not fleeing sporadically from you.

Introverts are also typically good listeners and being a good listener comes in handy when you’re making an investment. The people who sell are usually wanting to make their own good bucks, and so have no problem scamming the one who will do the investing. I keep my money safe and secure until I have listened, researched, and crafted my own investing strategy so I don’t lose money or waste money.

I am also very observant when it comes to financial decisions. As mentioned earlier, I do not make rash decisions. This is helpful when making large purchases such as a car or house. I don’t jump into a lease without thoroughly reading everything, and I don’t accept the first price thrown my way.
I also benefit from not being too social. My job has work outings and my friends have social gatherings typically both at restaurants. Missing out on a few of those doesn’t hurt and I end up saving a little money that can be used to more productive things.