What Our Future Health Care System Could End Up

When it comes to having a better healthcare system, it takes a lot of effort from every constituent in the country to achieve it, and this includes voting for the right presidential candidate who has the most idealistic platforms and plans addressing the country’s healthcare issues. So where do they stand in this aspect and what kind of future will our health department have under their reign?

Lowering prices of medicines and other out-of-pocket medical-related spending.
Well, most of the presidential candidates promised us to lower healthcare costs, most especially drug spending and health insurance. Hillary Clinton for example has issued plans on how to reduce spending on drugs that involves reduction of sales exclusivity from 12 years to 7 years and permission of Medicare to negotiate prices with drug companies. She even asked the pharmaceutical industry to be transparent with their GDP.

On the other hand, Martin O’Malley, aside from cutting down costs of medical and hospital bills, he supports the all-payer rate setting that has so many benefits to the third party payer such as lowering cost-shifting fees and getting more access to the uninsured.

Overdose protection
O’Malley also issued a platform that prevents opioid abuse lurking in pain killers. No one wants to be in pain; thus, painkillers are so addictive. In the US alone, there is a staggering number of 44 deaths from opioid overdose. This number has raised four times since 1999.

What about the BernieCare program?
We have all heard this program before and it has been gaining popularity because of the benefits taxpayers could enjoy under this program. BernieCare promised that it would dissolve insurance premiums and deductibles, and even the high-cost of brand name drugs that are taking its toll on the taxpayers. He also claims that this program could save $1 billion funds in tax.

No matter what these leaders’ platforms are, we hope that they will meet and execute their plans for the benefit of the entire country. That they won’t corrupt the taxes. And more importantly, we, too, must also contribute to improve not just our healthcare system, but also our own health.

Aside from paying our taxes, this is our ultimate help to the country, to our family, and to ourselves. That we make necessary efforts to be healthy. And for our dear teachers, please teach the society about the food that we eat and how we should eliminate products in the grocery stores that are causing people to get sick.