Why All My Friends Think I’m Cheap

Instead of eating at restaurants to snack during break time, I chose to eat at the office with my pre-made snacks. Instead of splurging on clothes after I got my 13th month pay, I’d just put the money in the bank. Instead of living in New York all by myself, I looked for roommates to share my day-to-day expenses and of course, rent! And instead of going to the movies on Saturdays, I’d rather download the movie I want to see whenever it’s available. So maybe, yeah! My friends are right. I’m that cheap.

But I dare not say I’m cheap.
I would prefer the word frugal, although both words may have the same meaning. Frugal sounds more positive; and cheap, being referred to a person, may sound a bit on the negative side.

And I’m not a miser, either! Though I would rather put my money in a trust fund, choose cheaper alternatives to everything I spend on, and go to recycling centers to look for things that are still in good condition, I am not a miser.

Let’s just say, I respect the power of money. In my opinion, the more I spend my money, the more I see myself in the losing end. That I’m not in control. That I would increase my habit of overspending on things I don’t really need. That my goals to having a better future are far off reach. And I don’t want all these things to happen just because I didn’t take the chance and effort to control my spending today.

Did you know that rich people are on the cheap side and they are proud of it?

We may think that millionaires and even billionaires spend their money fast and loose. But if you talk to them, hang out with them, and observe how they treat their money, they are more likely to ask for discounts to cut down their expenses.
They would buy wholesale and save almost 50% on everything they put in the cart. They’d buy directly from the source or the wholesaler. They despise waste. They are not satisfied with just one source of income. They don’t quit until they close a deal. They hold on to good relationships. And more importantly, you won’t know they are ultra-rich until you know their net worth.

So, yes my friends all think I’m cheap. I look at it as saving for my future and maintaining control over my money. One day I’ll be glad I was frugal more and spent less!