Why I Do All My Shopping Online

Although there is really no problem with shopping at physical stores, if given the option where will I buy a new pair of shoes, I’d choose online. Why?

The choices are humongous!
Where else can you find thousands of different necktie and office suit designs in just one sitting? I’m pretty sure you won’t answer any brick and mortar stores. You can only find it online. Even the rarest items you are looking for, can all be found on the Internet. Purchasing one hard-to-find item can mean a whole lot of effort driving to different stores (or worst, through different states). Especially if you are a collector, shopping online would be of great advantage. In other words, the Internet gives you a variety of products and lets you flex your consumer ability to choose a better deal.

Most of the time, shipping fee is free.
Especially if the seller is just within the country, you can expect to have your items shipped to your doorstep all for free. With this, you won’t have to make the effort of driving to the stores and spend on gas. And of course, there is no need to look for safe parking lots anymore. Just wait for your item to be delivered and that’s it!

It’s much cheaper online.
You can compare it yourself for a quick test. Go to the store and list down the things you opt to buy. And then, go online and do the same. Compare prices. You will learn that you can buy stuff at a very low price, some of them have 75% discounts! You can get HDMI cable online at $2 with no shipping fee while it’s $20 at physical stores, spend on gas, tire yourself, and get stressed with traffic hassles.

Nobody hassles you.
No street rules, no policemen, no transport costs, no tired legs, and no falling-in-line to pay at the cashier. For most people, shopping is already stressful. Why add to that stress by driving to the store versus using the Internet to shop around?
So what can you find online? Everything, really! From your basic necessities to appliances to properties and business ventures! With online shopping, you won’t have to dress up and look good to people you meet in the streets and in the stores. Just sit and search for your items on the web, find a credible seller, pay for the item, and wait for it to arrive. Simple. Very simple.