Why Startup Video Ads Are So Important

Choosing the correct marketing media is a crucial part to success in our attention seeking economy. Video marketing has overtaken previous forms of web advertisements due to the influx of smartphone users. Video advertising platforms such as YouTube, Vine, Facebook, and Instagram play a crucial role to advertising your startup business.

Increasing Viewer Engagement

If pictures speak a thousand words videos must show millions. The combination of sounds and images is a passive process that engages the participant far more than words or image advertisements alone. Video is a form of communication that allows the company to tell a story about their brand/product and hook in prospective customers. A well-produced video advertisement can bring your startup to the next level through user connections and viral trends.

Building Up Your Brand

Using videos to showcase and captivate the participation of online users will help you to solidify the interest of your brand. Consider hiring a local production team to produce short, clean, entertaining, and informational content about your startup company. Developing videos that can keep the user highly engaged during a short period of time can increase your sales exponentially. Some strategies involve interactive advertisements or adding actions for the user to participate in at the end of the video.

Ease of Distribution

After developing and producing your video advertisement it’s important to determine which platform you want to distribute it on. Choosing the correct website will help you to reach out and get views within your target audience. Having a startup with a mobile focus may do better on platforms that are uniquely made for smartphones such as Vine or Instagram. If your video is found to be informational and entertaining enough, the distribution platforms may even reach out to you. Consider spending a little bit of extra currency to push your viewership up even further through sponsored ads.

Big Data Personalized Video Marketing

With big data being the hot buzzword in almost every industry, personalizing the videos a customer sees has never been easier. Using 3rd party software to show potential customers your video adverts is a surefire way to increase your sales. Having your advertisements being showcased to targeted viewers through data-driven means has been proven to be efficient and effective.

Videos Are the Main Source of Customer Sales Research

Most customers research products/services online before deciding on a final purchase. Creating video advertisements for your startup is an easy way for your future customers to absorb important information about your product/service. If your company has a good video with a proper description, title, keywords, and tags, you’re more likely to come up in the customer’s search results. Most of the information that the brain collects and retains is visual information.


Creating video advertisements for your startup is vital to staying alive in our attention based media obsessed economy. Creating the right visuals for your company and advertising on curated platforms is the best opportunity to get your video ads in the eyes of the right customers.